An 85'th B'day Album

I'm gonna get that blasted cherry tomato with these two club things! Now, this is Your part and everything left is MY part Little One -- I wonder if they're gonna feed me too or do I have to eat this darn pacifier for dinner! All these visitors -- i could just lie down right here ....
Whatta you mean you wanna brush my hair! Just for that, you can just keep all that stuff on the table for yourselves! I coulda sworn there was something on the left half of this plate! Now are you SURE you really want this, or should I take it off your hands I'm SURE I really want it!
What d'you think'll happen if I poke him like this Y'all just go ahead and eat! I'll get this here napkin open soon, now! Doesn't she just have the CUTEST eyes! Are you SURE you don't want one just like this!??
Psst!! We think she just wants to stab you with the fork!! Let's see now--which end does that stuff come out of??? Beats me how these two little circley things got there! I bet he's really good with that crane thing in the arcades!